Ongoing Preventative Maintenance Solutions For Vacation Properties

Seamless Stays: Preventative Care for Your Peace of Mind

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Basic Service Plan

  • Replace HVAC Filters

  • Check toilets/faucets/sinks

    showers for proper functioning

  • Check drains and clear if necessary

  • Check and tighten door hinges & lubricate squeaky doors

  • Replace burnt out light bulbs as necessary

  • Inspect Fire Extinguishers

  • Check walls & ceilings for cracks, stains, mold, etc.

  • Check cabinets & drawers for loose hinges/proper alignment

  • Inspect flooring for loose tiles, damaged floorboards/carpet

  • Clean Dishwasher filter


Plus Service Plan

  • INCLUDES all BASIC Package Services

  • Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors & replace batteries bi-annually

  • Check batteries in remotes & replace as needed

  • Change Refrigerator filter twice per year

  • Inspect Grout & Caulking & repair if necessary

  • Inspect Water Softener & add salt as needed

  • Check Garage door & lubricate as needed

Premium Service Plan

  • INCLUDES all BASIC & PLUS Package Services

  • Clean AC Condenser Coils pre-summer

  • Torque hardware on Furniture (tables, chairs, bunkbeds)

  • Deep clean Barbeque (quarterly)

  • Ceiling fans: Clean and balance blades

  • Pre-winter check & fire up of heating system

  • Pull out large appliances & clean quarterly (Oven, fridge, washer, dryer)

  • Clean & clear Dryer duct quarterly

Other Services

Pressure wash driveway, sidewalks, & patio areas

Insect Spray - Inside & Outside

Annual Fire Extinguisher Certification & recharge

Deep clean Barbecue 

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


People Love Us

I can't recommend Vacation Rental Solutions enough. They don't just focus on the interior; they also take care of the exterior features like the pool, spa, and landscaping. Plus, they have a large network of local professionals for repairs that fall outside their expertise, and they manage the coordination flawlessly. I'm so confident in their ability to maintain my property that I see my future maintenance trips turning into actual vacations because I won't have any projects to worry about.

Laura Whitehead

As the owner of a property management company, I've dealt with my fair share of maintenance issues and service providers. When it comes to reliability, professionalism, and expert care, Vacation Rental Solutions stands head and shoulders above the rest. Chad and Jason, the owners, have created a service that is nothing short of exceptional.

From the moment we started working together, it was clear they understood not just the vacation rental business, but also the intricacies of property management. They've taken a proactive approach to maintenance, catching potential issues before they escalate, saving us both time and money. This isn't just a repair service; it's preventive care at its finest.

Joe Eves

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